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Tutition and Supplies

Unlike the United States, children attending public schools in Mexico are required to pay tuition/testing fees. Many children in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico are in dire need, resulting in Mercedes FUMC soliciting sponsors to pay for the school tuition for needy Mexican children.

It is so difficult for low income families, of which there are many, to send their children to school.  The children in Mexico have to pay for everything...  Tuition, testing, uniforms, text books, school supplies, chalk, chalk board, (even an air conditioning unit if they want a cool classroom),  and yes, even toilet paper to go in the restrooms.

If you would like to assist a child with their elementary education, a donation of $50., $100., $150. or any amount you can give will help. We will give preference to the needs of children attending El Buen Pastor School.

Donations of school supplies are always welcome.  We especially need new and gently used  backpacks.  We also accept donations of...pencils, colored pencils, large erasers, three subject notebooks, glue sticks, small scissors, small pencil sharpeners, plastic boxes for supplies, rulers, etc.

Send a team - We have facilities for you.
 Monetary Donations Always Welcomed

Make your donations to FUMC MERCEDES. Designate your gift for "elementary school tuition/testing and supplies" if you would like to assist a child with their high school and/or college education.

School in Mexico

The congregation of El Buen Pastor Church offered Pre-K and Kindergarten classes with expectations of having 1st grade classes beginning in the fall of 2011. Families in the neighborhood are happy to have El Buen Pastor School nearby so they don't have to walk their children to school across town. 

They need all kinds of help with finances and facilities. If there is a church group looking for a mission project, this would be a good one to consider.

Meanwhile, the families in the neighborhood surrounding El Buen Pastor Church are happy to have an affordable alternative to public schools whose tuition is unaffordable to so many.

Send a mission team - We have facilities for you.
 Monetary Donations Always Welcomed

Monetary donation / checks can be made out to FUMC-Mercedes designating the Missions Program.

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